According to World health organization health is a complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. We are all familiar to the saying: Health is wealth. We value our health so much but sometimes, we cannot control the fact that we are vulnerable to illness and diseases. To obtain maximum health, we should be free from all pain, sickness, injury and emotional stress.

Most of us seek healthcare services in other country because it is cheaper compare to our own country. In this article we are going to talk about causes of expensive cost of healthcare.

Here are the common reasons why our healthcare services are expensive.

Healthcare institutions 

Even if private hospitals provide us appropriate treatment, they are also owned by businessman who wants to make a living.

Every place has public healthcare system in a practical price. But due to increasing number of clients, they cannot accommodate everyone.


At present, we depend on modern technology. Even hospitals use technology as a tool to treat patients. Unfortunately, they’re not giving their service for free. As the technology improves, health charges also increase.


Doctors in first-world countries are highly paid compared to other health professionals. They justification is somehow reasonable since they want to render high quality of service. By doing so, they need to update their skills by attending series of continuous training courses.



Medication becomes expensive too. Chemists and researchers spend more money to find the most effective drug to all types of disease since they do not want to stick in one formula.

Improving Quality of Care

We should also understand that every health organization and hospitals wants to improve their healthcare system. They also want to make sure they provide the best quality service to everyone.  

Private health care insurance plan

It’s obviously true that insurance help you in paying hospital bills. But some countries have rules obliging their citizen to pay an annual health insurance. It’s good to have one. But we have to admit, some insurance company offers very expensive plans. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to pay. We really have no choice but to understand these reasons. To obtain maximum health, we need updated technologies and skilled doctors to treat us. We should have health plans to assist us. And most importantly we need appropriate medication to heal our illnesses.