SurgiPrice – Why didn’t someone think of this before?

400 x 400 Surgiprice SurgiPrice – Based in Rockville, MD, SugiPrice has been treating healthcare the AMERICAN way!  It makes no sense to have a surgical operation and have the insurance company and surgeon battle over the bill for the next 11 months.  That’s un-American!  For anything else in your life, and when you shop, you can make your informed decision based on price, quality or other factors.

Could you imagine walking into the Porsche dealership and the sales guy tell you to drive home with a car today and in 6 months you will be informed on how much it cost?  Preposterous.

Best of all, SurgiPrice will assign you a personal health care advocate!  You will be assigned a specific person to be your central contact for all your healthcare needs and will even work with the Doctor you are already seeing and love.  They will walk you through your surgery process each step of the way.  We know the doctors, surgeons and hospitals are in business to make money.  Why shouldn’t you have someone on YOUR side to help you make informed important health care decisions?

If you need a surgery, SurgiPrice will talk to you to find out what type of surgery you need, where you would like to have it, what day of the week etc, and they find several surgeons to give you UP FRONT PRICING for your surgery which includes the facility fees, the anesthesiologist fee and also the surgeon’s fees.  You can see the experience and fees for various surgeons and make an informed decision.  It would take you hundreds of hours to attempt to do this research yourself, if you could even have a surgeon give you up front costs.

SurgiPrice is WHAT’S RIGHT about healthcare in America!   Learn More