Projected development for health care cost in 2015

A health research institute conducted a series of surveys and interviews to health insurance owners, hospital employees, hospitals and other private health institutions about the projected developments and improvements for health care in 2015.

According to Tracy Watts, the senior partner and leader of Mercer’s national health reform, “The average projected increase for 2015 may still be relatively low, but it does not come easily. Employers have to work hard each year to keep cost increases manageable. Cost of health will continue to rise since it needs expansions and updates. The results were announced recently. It shows that there are five projected development for health care cost in 2015.

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The research institute analysed these projections:

  1. They projected a medical cost trend of 6.8% in 2015 from 6.5%. It will surely affect those who will avail of health care insurance plans and large, insured private business.
  2. They also projected some rate increase in medical services. Hospitals will have to update their current system and add some new medical gadgets. Physicians and other health professional will also have to undergo a series of training courses to provide better and high quality service to people.
  3. According to research, rates of expensive specialty drugs will slightly increase. Although there are only a few patients use high quality and expensive specialty drugs, it will still have a great impact to them especially to cancer patients. Study shows that nine of ten expensive drugs were intended for cancer treatment.
  4. It is also projected that employers of big companies will consider offering high-deductible plans to employees. Because of that, employees will possibly demand for a higher salary.
  5. Health insurance plans will continue to increase in 2015. Pricing will make a big difference to consumers. That’s why they will resort to enrolling in cheap and low quality insurance plans. Insurance companies should re-analyse their pricing so that they will not lose current and possible clients.

We have no control over these things. Medical and health plans will continue to rise. All we have to do is understand since it’s only for our own good.