Expensive medical procedures have become the biggest stressor to all patients. That is also the main reason why most patients delay their supposed to be surgical procedure because they really cannot afford it.

Insurance companies and some government plans can cover certain medical expenses. However, it is still not enough since most surgical procedures are overly expensive.

Why surgical procedures are expensive?

Surgical procedures are expensive because it needs preparations such as pre-operative hospital care protocols and evaluations. During the operation, physicians will use upgraded instruments for better outcome. After the procedure, a post-operative care and monitoring is needed. Patients will be monitored hourly to assess changes.

This article will discuss the five highly expensive medical procedures.

Lung and heart transplant

This surgical procedure costs over $1,500,000 since it needs a lot of doctors to perform the surgery. This is also considered as one of the rarest procedures. Not all patients can afford to have their heart and lung replaced in one surgical procedure.

Transplant of the intestines

Intestinal transplant costs around $1.2 million. It is done to change dead tissues with healthy tissues. This is an expensive procedure because patients need to pay the family members of the donor. Most intestinal replacement comes with liver replacement making it more expensive.

Heart Transplant

This surgical procedure costs around 1 million dollars. It is a very risky procedure since doctors will need to cut off its impaired heart and replace with a healthy heart. Prior to the procedure, physicians will assess if the donor’s heart is a match with the patient’s heart.

Liver Replacement

Liver replacement is similar to heart transplant. It needs strict pre-operative assessment to prevent intra-operative complications. This procedure costs around $600,000.

Lung Transplant

Prior to surgery, physicians will need to order a series of laboratory tests to secure the safety of the patient. They also make sure that the donor’s lung is compatible with the patient’s body. One lung replacement costs $500,000, while double lung replacement costs $800,000.

These five surgical procedures are considered to be the most expensive procedures. They are expensive because it needs strict and close monitoring. Follow up check-up should also be done so that physician will know if the procedure is effective. If you don’t want to have these procedures, avoid things that will harm you and live a healthy and wonderful life.