Expensive health care system in America is very evident. A recent study revealed that most adults in the United States cannot afford to pay hospital bills since it is very expensive. That’s why most people choose to seek medical help from other countries.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind an expensive health care service. You will also know how to avoid getting an overpriced service.

expensive health care

Expensive health care provider (physician, nurses, caregivers)

Medical professionals are one of the contributors of an expensive health care. They have the ability to charge you whatever cost they want. Think about this, before you decide to have a general health assessment, choose the best yet affordable health care provider. Bargain with them if they will give you higher price. Unfortunately, some medical professionals use their profession as a business instead of passion.

Pointless laboratory/medical assessments and tests

Another obvious reason is that most physicians will prescribed you to have medical assessments and tests that are not necessary. For example, they want you to have a CT scan even if you’re concern is about asthma. This is good since they want to make sure that you’re totally healthy, but they should also consider that imaging tests are too expensive. Always ask physicians to explain the need of a certain test or medical assessment. Also, check your insurance policy if that test is included in the coverage.

Wrong patient information

This is the most common reason why most medical billing errors exist. It is when your insurance company and hospital have encoded wrong information about you. If you give the wrong details, your insurance holder will not pay any single cent to your hospital. To avoid this, make sure to give the right and exact information such as name, address, contact number, insurance id and social security number.

expensive health care 2Overcharged hospital bills

This is common in the United States. Hospital bills become more expensive because of duplicate charges or overcharge procedure. That is why some patients hire medical billing advocates to help them audit and examine their hospital bills. Medical billing advocates will only cost you around $25.

Incorrect hospital/health procedure charges

Incorrect charges cause overcharged health bill. This is common to private hospitals. Physicians and hospital charge patients with services that aren’t provided or given.  For example, you only had an ultrasound, and then suddenly, an MRI appeared on your bill.

Sadly, there is no existing law that controls physicians and hospitals from overpricing. All we have to do is to be mindful and alert. If you feel that there is something wrong about your bill, do not hesitate to ask for an explanation.